On transformative legislation, Joe Manchin Must Measure up

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is erroneous to decide to vote against the For the People Act, a bill that could boost election protection and accessibility to voting and lower the effect of big money from politics. To pretend that former President Donald Trump’s Republican Party will act in good faith to maintain democracy is innocent.

Within an op-ed for the Charleston Gazette,” Manchin explained the bill as”partisan voting laws” which”will ruin the weakening binds of the democracy.”
But it’s the first thing we must maintain our democracy — the antidote to Republican attacks on voting rights.

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The January 6th insurrection was only the tip of this anti-democratic iceberg our nation is facing. Our democracy is strained. From partisan gerrymandering and boundless company cash flooding our elections to voter suppression laws, the Republican Party, tasked with Trump, has waged a war on our democracy.
When I had been in the Senate today, my”yes” vote For the People Act wouldn’t be about my celebration. It wouldn’t be about politics. This is all about doing everything I know is correct, promising that everyone has the right to vote.
The contents of this invoice shouldn’t be controversial. Along with also the simple fact that no Republicans have signed on to a bill made to guarantee all Americans have been allowed their inherent right to cast a ballot says much more about the condition of the Republican Party than the invoice itself.

On transformative legislation, Joe Manchin Must Measure up

The situation for the People Act is straightforward.
For a nation, we’ve been drifting away from this basic American principle of one person, 1 vote.
So as to keep American politics, we will need to handle the problematic impact of big money donors, corporate political action committees, and shadowy currency donations. We have to put an end to partisan gerrymandering and the obvious efforts at voter suppression being pushed in Republican-led countries throughout the nation. These three problems have led to the deterioration of democracy in the USA.
It’s disgusting that some politicians in our nation are intentionally bought and sold by corporate interests and wealthy donors. From the 2020 elections, dark currency groups poured over $1 billion to elections through advertising spending and record-breaking donations to PACs. This must stop. The invoice Manchin has compared would fully reevaluate our campaign finance laws and rein in the ability of wealthy donors and institute rules to finish darkened cash in our elections.
So long as our elections could be purchased and our politicians find a person who can provide a huge donation as more significant than somebody who will give $10, our government won’t really get the job done for its people.
Within the last seven weeks, the danger to our democracy was as apparent as ever. The 2020 election has been the most protected election in American history, according to the US Department of Homeland Security. But that did not prevent the former President from approving lies and conspiracy theories concerning voter fraud, while allies throughout the nation backed him up.
Trump and his huge election lie incited the January 6th insurrection that left five Americans dead and place our democracy under siege.
Today this assault on democracy we saw in broad daylight is now making its way through country capitols. Citing the identical illusion of widespread fraud, Republicans have introduced greater than 389 voter suppression invoices in 48 nations, 22 of which have already been commissioned, according to a report by the Brennan Center. That is the single most significant assault on voting rights because of Jim Crow.

Consistently, these voter suppression bills appear at the most states that Trump set up a number of his greatest and most pitiful election challenges. And the countries which Republicans have concentrated most only happen to be in which the electorate is diversifying fast — and in which brown and Black voters most certainly sunk Trump’s opportunities, such as Arizona and Georgia.
Right here in Pennsylvania, you will find 18 new bills or resolutions out of Republicans attempting to tackle the unfounded claims of”fraud” they say occurred here in 2020.
They’re even attempting to reverse the exact same election legislation they agreed to if they handed Act 77, the nation’s 2019 election reform bill, for example also hoping to restrict vote by email. However, I want to be clear: Voting by email in Pennsylvania has been a bill backed by nearly every Republican. This notion now they are attempting to assert it is wrong is beyond disingenuous. Fortunately, here in Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf and I won’t ever let these bills turned into a reality.
And following seven thousand votes and weeks of Pennsylvania Republicans frantically looking for fraud, all they found were a couple of instances, including a guy who especially registered dead relatives to vote Trump along with other enrolled Republicans charged with attempting to vote at the name of dead family members.
Look at the truth. Examine the math. Voter fraud isn’t widespread. Voter suppression is.
But Pennsylvania Republicans have gone to Arizona to stop by the unfounded and moot audit. And now they are calling to their own moot audit directly here in Pennsylvania. This isn’t only absurd, but it’s also dangerous.
The preservation of democracy is now a regular battle. The For Your People Act will make our elections more powerful and make our democracy stronger.

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The US Senate should pass it and send it to President Joe Biden’s desk. When Senate Republicans try to tank the invoice using the filibuster — a racist mechanism often deployed to curb voting rights — the Democrats should take action and abolish the filibuster to be certain it’s passed. Some Democrats, such as Manchin, who are refusing to reform the filibuster are telling us that allegiance to some faulty Senate rule is much more significant to them than democracy. They are wrong
The Senate should act now. It’s time to abolish the filibuster and pass the For the People Act. Our democracy is dependent upon it.