Olivia Colman unwittingly made an edgy comment about Jack Whitehall’s acting talents in “The Graham Norton Show.” Graham Norton Show.

In everything from Peep Show, from Peep Show to from Peep Show to Fuzz From Peep Show, to Hot Fuzz, Broadchurch from Peep Show, Hot Fuzz, Broadchurch, to an Academy Award-winning actor, Colman is a treasure of the nation at the moment. Whitehall has seen many successes also, whether that’s as a stand-up comedian , or playing the roles of The Fresh MeatBad Education and Jungle Cruise – with The Rock, and not surprisingly.

The couple have recently made an appearance as guests on the Graham Norton Show and Colman talking about her part as a character in the HBO series Landscapers as well as Whitehall in the promotion of the Clifford the Big Red Dog film.

In an online video, Norton can be seen speaking to Whitehall about the fact that it was an important role because he is able to take his accent to his American accent. In the beginning, the audience was shown a brief scene from the film.

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“Yes, I was using an American accent” Whitehall declares. What’s that, in that video is that?’ Colman reacts, without realizing what she’s actually saying. “Olivia!,” he yells in response, with Colman immediately appearing embarrassed and grumbling. “I can am feeling the Oscar buzz fading away and I’m feeling the buzz fading away,’ Whitehall adds.

“What most actors do when they’re performing an American accent is that they’ll usually opt to one area of America and stick to one American accent. I decided when I was cast in this role that I’d do a tour of the fifty States… at times within the same scene. the actor also laughed.

It’s gone down a storm on social media. ‘Jack Whitehall absolutely OWNED by actual Oscar Winner and National Treasure Olivia Colman,’ one user wrote. ‘Oh Olivia Colman, that was a deliciously wicked kneecapping of Jack Whitehall’s acting talent,’ a second wrote.

‘Whenever Olivia’s on this show she always manages to fluster herself in the best, most adorable way possible – absolute legend,’ a third commented.

Olivia Colman knows a thing or ten about acting (just take a look at her heaving mantelpiece).

But when it comes to the acting ability of her fellow thesp, Jack Whitehall, it sounds like the Oscar winner thinks there could be room for improvement.

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The Crown star accidentally (we think) insulted Jack’s acting chops when the two stars appeared on Friday’s Graham Norton Show, much to the delight of everyone watching.

Jack was on the BBC chat show to talk about his new role in the family comedy Clifford the Big Red Dog.

After showing a clip from the film, Graham told the actor and comedian: “This is a breakthrough role for you Jack, because you have an American accent.”

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“Yes, I was doing an American accent,” Jack replied.

“What, in that clip?” Olivia asked, somewhat brutally.

“Yes!” Jack said, “Olivia!” He then put his head in his hands, and said: “I feel the Oscars buzz fizzling away!”

Jack then went on to jokingly explain that he’d actually aimed to impersonate someone from all 52 states in each scene of the film, which precisely no one was buying (especially Olivia).

Watch it all unfold in the video above.