Ohios First Weekend of MidAmerican Conference Play

Takeaways from Ohios first weekend of MidAmerican Conference play

Ohios first weekend of MidAmerican Conference play was a success in many ways. The Bobcats’ pitching staff was strong against Northern Illinois, but they fell apart in the second half. Their pass defense was porous and the offense was inconsistent. They had one turnover in the second half, but overall, the team was solid. There were a few key takeaways from the game.

In the opener against Northern Illinois, the Bobcats picked up their first conference win of the season. This was a significant win for interim head coach Craig Moore, who had earned a few wins before becoming an official head coach. The win was the second of a doubleheader against Ohio, and the second win was a convincing one against Western Michigan. This was also Moore’s first victory against an opponent in the MAC since being hired.

Though Ohio gave up a lot of points in the first half against Miami, the Bobcats’ defense played an excellent game. The Bobcats limited the Dolphins to just 77 rushing yards and kept them in check. This helped Ohio win by four points and a half. The Bobcats are now ranked second in the MidAmerican Conference behind Toledo. If you’re planning to go to the MAC Tournament this year, make sure you read this preview.

The Buckeyes are third in the MAC, and their first game against Ball State is this Thursday. This game will be the fourth game of the day, and begins 30 minutes after the third Ohio game. The matchup will be broadcast on ESPN+ and will be held at the University of Toledo on ESPN+. Murray Bartow will call the game. These games are always a must-watch.

The Bobcats will need their quarterback to continue to play like he did in the MAC. Sorenson needs to keep his lights out against a talented Kent State squad this weekend. The Bobcats’ offensive strategy has shifted from a running-based offense in week six to an air-attack-based attack. WR Isiah Cox is thriving in the air-attack. With a strong offensive line, the Bobcats are able to throw out passes.

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The defense was strong. The Bobcats have struggled with turnovers this season, but they did have a big-time quarterback. Senior Brett Gabbert is averaging 74.3 points per game and grabbing 34.0 rebounds. The defense has a strong bench, but it has yet to score a touchdown every other game. The Bobcats’ other problems will be in the air.