North Korean state TV on Monday recognized the country’s chief Kim Jong Un’s “anorexic looks,” as theory around his presumed weight reduction and wellbeing proceeds.

The Associated Press reports that the comments were circulated by state media that was citing concerned North Korean residents.

“Our kin’s hearts hurt most when we saw (Kim’s) starved looks,” North Korean state TV cited a unidentified man as saying. “Everybody says their tears are gushing in their eyes normally.”

At the point when Kim, 37, unveiled his first appearance in a month sooner in June, global eyewitnesses saw what had all the earmarks of being a critical weight reduction.

“By all accounts, perceptible weight reduction may not mean a lot, yet it can give hints to other data that knowledge authorities search for,” insight official for U.S. Extraordinary Operations Command in South Korea, Mike Brodka

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Individuals’ food circumstance is currently getting tense as the farming area neglected to satisfy its grain creation plan because of the harm by storm last year,” Kim apparently said