No Way Home has shown that, of all the live action Spider-Men The one that is the best guide in the life of Miles Moles is Andrew Garfield’s version.

Spider-Man The film No Way home was a film that proven that, of the three live-action Spider-Men the one that is the best guide for Miles Morales is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. The film is a celebration of his 20-year legacy in films, No Way Home brought 3 generation of Spider-Man in one movie that provided closures for characters of the past and created exciting stories for the newest ones. Thanks to The film’s No Way Home‘s huge success at the box-office and the announcement of the launch of a fresh Spider-Man trilogy within the MCU the future of cinema for Spider-Man and the characters of his universe is certain.

Miles Morales’ introduction in Sony’s live-action Spider-Man universe or the MCU is just a matter of time. The popularity of the character has never been greater because of this film Academy Award winner Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the forthcoming sequel Spider-Man: across The Spider-Verse (Part 1), and the Insomniac Spider-Man games. Prior to the release of the movie, Tom Holland was candidly discussing in interviews the possibility that it was the right time to create “another Spider-Man or Spider-Woman” to take over the city of New York. But, he’s since removed himself from the discussion and stated that he’s still not going to walk out of the costume just now, and that the upcoming trilogy will allow Tom Holland to work with Miles.

While, in comparison the character of Miles Morales, the MCU’s Peter Parker is a seasoned veteran however, he’s still an infant teenager who needs the support of his peers. This means the possibility that Miles Morales will certainly need his own mentors, if not within the MCU or on his own Sony universe. The best option to be a mentor for Miles appears to be Maguire’s Spider-Man which is the most knowledgeable of The three Spider Parkers. But, Into the Spider-Verse has proven that a wounded Peter Parker makes for a good teacher. Much like Peter B. Parker, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man has had recent mishaps and is uncertain of his own abilities, and appears to be emerging from an extremely dark time in his life. Serving as a mentor to an aspiring Miles Morales can provide Andrew Garfield’s character a healing journey of self-reconstruction, which expands on the themes from “No Way Home” while also ensuring that Miles does not make similar mistakes.

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In addition to the already completed Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland’s unexperienced Peter Parker It was Garfield’s Peter who could benefit much from the experience of being an apprentice. A large portion of Andrew Garfield’s character’s story of The Way Home was centered around sharing with the younger Spider-Man some of his adventures as an actor. The ability to help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man during the final battle also helped Garfield find some closure helping to save MJ from the same fate as Gwen’s. Similar to how both of the older Spider-Men aid in the making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker, it was Garfield’s version that seemed to have the most profound impact on him just when it was most needed. It’s the same to Miles Morales.

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