Nicola Roberts once wrote a request letter to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. She said that she had a demo tape and wanted her to send it to industry execs. In return, she would help her get noticed. The result was an interview with the singer herself. Nicola Roberts, a singer from the UK, explains what she was thinking in the letter.

In 1985, Roberts was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, to an RAF father and a photographer mother. The family had to work hard to survive. Her father left the RAF and went to work for a Ford company. Nicola Roberts grew up in a “rough” council estate. Although her family’s economic situation was not too challenging, she felt that it was important to protect her younger siblings from the dangers they faced in the area. Her narrator had a tape of the ‘Spice Girls‘, and Roberts asked Halliwell to pass it on to business execs so that she could do the same.

The letter was sent to Halliwell as a follow-up to her letter. She had heard about Halliwell’s success with the Pointer Sisters and decided to contact the famous band. They were interested in the audition tape and were in touch with Roberts. But Nicola Roberts was in a different phase when she first got to know Halliwell. She was a “nervous” girl in school and she was very shy and reserved.

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The letter was not a typical one. It was a desperate letter, in which Roberts asked the singer to listen to her demo tape and pass it on to the business execs who would help her achieve her goal. However, Halliwell did not give up on her request. Nonetheless, the two were on the same page and Roberts was soon in touch with her.

She told Halliwell that she needed help in the business world, and the singer replied that it would make her better known. But Geri Halliwell refused to help Roberts because she felt she was a “shock-jock” and had a low self-esteem. So she wrote a letter to Halliwell in the hope that she would be able to help her.

Nicola Roberts had never been married. She met Carl Egerton in 2008 and the two got close. She later asked Halliwell to help her record her new songs. She was so pleased that she agreed. The two of them were able to record the song together. After recording, she was ready to release her debut album, Cinderella’s Eyes.

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