NFL Star Happy to Admit Rugby is 'Tougher and More Athletic' Than American Football

Rex Norris is the perfect symbol of the convergent relationship between rugby and football. The son of former NFL assistant Rex Norris Sr. and London Irish defensive coordinator Grant Teaff, Norris is a staunch supporter of the sport and is even involved with coaching the oldest high school girls’ rugby club in America. Rex is also a member of the London-based team that sends regular players to the USA’s National Team.

NFL star happy to admit rugby is tougher and more athletic than American

The first thing to note is that American players are naturally stronger and bigger than their rugby counterparts. But while rugby players are naturally stronger than their American counterparts, NFL players would never make it as a pro. In fact, according to the National Football League’s own statistics, NFL players have an average bench press and squat of 235kg, whereas elite rugby teams have average benches of 140kg and squats of 190kg.

The next thing to consider is the length of the game. Both rugby and American football have a continuous 80-minute duration. While rugby players would have to change their body and skill set, the two games are remarkably similar and would be much easier for NFL players. And if it were possible, the NFL star would be happier playing rugby league than he is playing the NFL.

While American football players can win at the world level, they would be unable to beat their Australian counterparts at any point. Their training regimens would not be the same, which means they would be able to dominate in the other sport. However, the two games have similarities, with rugby being more physical and rugby players being stronger and tougher than their American counterparts.

While NFL players can play rugby, they would not do well in rugby. This is because American football players are usually bigger than their European counterparts, and their size difference is not as large. In addition, they are more agile than their American counterparts, but both are not as strong as their rugby peers. For example, NFL stars are not as tall as rugby players, while ‘the average’ NFL player weighs 230 pounds.

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While American football players are considered to be ‘tougher and more athletic’, rugby players are arguably more athletic than NFL players. While American football players are generally criticized for not being able to last an entire 80-minute game, rugby players can play three hours at a time without stopping. The sport is also more physical. The majority of rugby plays are shorter and more explosive.