NFL Sees Flag Football Olympics In Its $1B International Plan

NFL Sees Flag Football Olympics In Its 1B International Plan

Is the NFL wrong to see Flag Football Olympics in its $1B international plan? This article examines Flag football versus touch football, why Buffalo should welcome these Olympics, and whether Flag Football is a legitimate sport. You will also learn about the economic impact of pro sports in Buffalo. If you enjoyed this article, you should also check out our other articles on flag football and touch football. We hope you enjoyed them.

Buffalo’s economic impact of pro sports

While there is little doubt that pro sports bring in big revenue, the economic impact of a sports team rarely matches the projections. In Buffalo, for example, sports teams bring in out-of-state fans, with 15% of season-ticket holders from southern Ontario, Canada. In Buffalo, pro sports have helped revitalize the city and spur job growth, but there are also negative effects. Despite the influx of tourists, the city’s poorest residents will not benefit from any resulting jobs.

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The City of Buffalo and Empire State Development have commissioned studies to determine the economic benefits of a new stadium. The results of the study by the consulting firm AECOM have been discouraging. A new stadium is estimated to cost $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion, depending on the roof type. If the stadium is located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, the cost may increase by $350 million. The stadium’s development could also affect the city’s overall tax base.