New Leaks Reveal Samsung's Galaxy Fold4 Screen Dimensions

New Leaks Reveal Samsung’s Galaxy Fold4 Screen Dimensions


As the rumor mill swirls, newly leaked specifications for Samsung’s Z Fold4 have emerged. According to a reliable tipster, the foldable phone will feature a slightly wider panel and a slightly narrower size. Its screen ratio is expected to be 6:5.


We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the next foldable smartphones, including the size of their batteries and screen dimensions, but we have yet to see the Galaxy Fold 4 in the wild. A leaked image allegedly shows the device’s battery size, and a video from the Korean site Ice Universe has confirmed its screen dimensions and battery capacity. Samsung has yet to make an official announcement, but we can only hope that it will release a foldable phone this year.

New Leaks Reveal Samsung's Galaxy Fold4 Screen Dimensions


In case you’ve been waiting impatiently for the launch of the foldable smartphone from Samsung, we have some good news for you! A new leak of the Z Fold4’s screen dimensions has surfaced. It seems that the company is planning a slightly larger panel with a larger width than its predecessor. It will also have a slightly narrower overall length and an aspect ratio of 6:5. In addition, it will be a bit narrower than the Z Fold3, and will likely have a square-shaped display.

Dual-lens rear camera

The upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung is expected to debut in August of this year. It will feature a slim folded body and an enormous screen when unfolded. The screen is 6.19 inches but will be 7.56 inches when fully extended. It will also boast a 120Hz refresh rate. The Dual-lens rear camera is one of the most exciting features of the device.


The size of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 screen is a mystery, but one thing seems certain: it will be bigger than the current model. A leak posted by IceUniverse suggests that the device will have a 23:9 aspect ratio, which is larger than its predecessor’s 24:5 ratio. The outer display is also expected to be bigger than its predecessor, with an aspect ratio of 6:5. If that’s the case, what can we expect from the Fold 4’s screen?
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We’ve all heard the buzz about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone, but do we really need to know the exact price? This year’s Galaxy Fold lineup is the most expensive in Samsung’s history, but that doesn’t mean that you have to drop hundreds of dollars to get one. The latest model in the line, the Galaxy Fold 3, is currently the most expensive phone Samsung has released this year, despite a $200 price cut since it launched last year.