At the point when Netflix’s narrative “Cheer” was delivered in January 2020, Monica Aldama, the lead trainer of Navarro College’s cheerleading group, watched it multiple times in succession. Despite the fact that she realized how the story would end, she actually cried as she watched herself and her competitors on their excursion to a public title.

Eighteen months after the series, Aldama is as yet discovering her balance in her new job as a worldwide big name while proceeding to mentor the Navarro Bulldogs.

“We didn’t know that it would be so huge,” Aldama revealed to USA TODAY Sports. “I resembled, ‘Hello, hold tight a second. I’m a mentor. I have no clue about any of this.’ You improve as you come, however it’s certainly unique. I’m only thankful for the chances, yet I’m as yet here training. That is my adoration.”

While Aldama has amassed more than 643,000 followers on Instagram, the student-athletes featured on the show have grown even more famous. Fan favorite Morgan Simianer has over 1.1 million Instagram followers, and Gabi Butler, who had a large social media following before the show, now has over 1.7 million on Instagram.

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Aldama said the popularity of “Cheer” also showed the potential for the sport to grow. The Tokyo Olympics this summer will include several new and less-traditional events, including skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing. Aldama believes that cheerleading could have a place on the Olympic stage in the future.

“I definitely think with all of these new sports opening up and getting the opportunity to be there, I can’t see why we wouldn’t have that,” Aldama said. “A lot of my followers are international. I think it is getting bigger in other countries, and if you watch some of these teams from other countries, they are really incredible.”