Netflix is now a part of Mobile Gaming; Here’s How to Play on Android.

Netflix would like to be part in the gaming market and has declared that Android users across the globe will be able to access a brand fresh Games section on phones as well as five new games for mobile devices.

Netflix revealed in the month of July it would be getting into the video gaming industry specifically, mobile gaming, and said it would be in the market in 2021. Five new mobile games were released in the marketplace a few months later.

Gamers won’t have pay an extra fee to play brand new Netflix games. The streaming company highlighted the fact that its current subscription comes with games on default and is accessible across all accounts.

Adult mobile games however, require a password for profiles of children. Users use this PIN to block access to any additional pornographic content in their accounts. Netflix assures players with a full gaming experience.

This means that, like other Android games players won’t see any ads or in-app purchases when playing. Players can play the latest mobile games by visiting the Games tab, then selecting any of the five games available.

Users will receive a hyperlink to Google Play Store, where they can install the app they would like to play. Players won’t be allowed to play games on mobile within Netflix since they are distinct applications.

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To start playing games, visit the Games tab and choose any of five games. Netflix will then take users to Google Play Store to get the games.

Some games on mobile require internet access also, while other games can be played with or without an internet connection or cellular. “Card Blast” by Amuzo & Rogue Games, “Shooting Hoops” by Frosty Pop, “Stranger Things: 1984” by BonusXP, “Stranger Things 3: The Game” by BonusXP along with “Teeter Up” by Frosty Pop are among the five games available for free to anyone Android users who have the Netflix subscription.