NCAA Basketball - Penn State Cuts Latrell Jones and Stretch Forward Mikey Henn Down to 3 Options

Michael “Mikey” Henn has played at four different colleges and recently entered the transfer portal. The NCAA has now narrowed down the three finalists to three. With his eligibility for the NBA Draft pending, Henn will now decide which college to choose and enter the draft. In the meantime, his chances of earning a scholarship are good as he has four years of eligibility left.

Latrell Jones

The Hornets cut Latrell Jones and stretch forward Mikey Henn to three options, but have not decided which one to choose. Jones is a four-star recruit from South Carolina. The Hornets are expected to make a decision on Jones within the next couple of days. But the first question is: Does he have the ability to play at the highest level? If so, how important is it?

Hunter Seymour

The loss of Malcolm Porter, transfer stretch forward Mikey Henn, and freshman Hayden Curtiss leaves the Pilots without a true stretch big man or perimeter shooter. Instead, Porter has added an athletic slasher from the JUCO ranks in the form of transfer stretch forward Hunter Seymour. This brings the total to three options, and the selection of Seymour is the most significant one.

The Warriors have cut the roster to three options after the trade deadline. With only three remaining spots, the Wolves are looking to reload their bench with more talent, while keeping the roster intact. While the Hornets are focusing on Seymour, the Wolves have been pursuing Mikey Henn as a backup. As such, the Wolves are able to offer him a lucrative contract.

Penn State

Despite his one-year eligibility, Penn State doesn’t have a clear choice for its starting forward for the coming season. With several options to fill the role, Henn might wind up on the bench, or end up being one of the backup options. Despite the recent addition of Denver transfer Kebba Njie to the roster, Penn State has three other players on its roster who are better options.

According to reports, Denver transfer Michael Henn has narrowed his college list to three schools, which are Notre Dame, Illinois, and Penn State. While Henn hasn’t set an official date for his visits, the 6-foot-8 forward has expressed interest in all three schools. Henn, a guard/forward, is a self-proclaimed “shooter” and understands what he’s looking for in a program.

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Notre Dame’s frontcourt is extremely thin without Paul Atkinson Jr. and may lose starting forward Nate Laszewski, but Henn provides experience and a spacing option that will be welcomed by the Irish. Henn also would be a great fit for the Irish because he has a lot of experience at the college level. Penn State, on the other hand, does not have a starting center in John Harrar. However, he could be a good backup for Demetrius Lilley. Jevonnie Scott could also play a significant role in the offense if he’s healthy.