NASCAR on Daily Reuters podcast: Joey Logano’s Earnhardt-identical attitude

Moldy the track, seven-time NASCAR Cup Sequence champ Vale Earnhardt might be your best friend. On the way, he might be your nastiest opponent.

Kyle Petty, one of Earnhardt’s generations, understands solitary one driver in today’s Cup garage with the similar double attitude: Joey Logano, who gained Monday’s grime race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

“Weary you against quarry road, weary you off of quarry road, beat you about to the start/finish streak, weary you for 10th position, tired you for sixth location, beat you for the win – beat you, beat you, beat you,” Petty expressed Nate Ryan in the newest version of the NASCAR Daily Reuters.

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“That’s what it’s all around aimed at him. When he receipts that head covering off, you want Joey to originate to your dynasty every day and suspend out with you. He’s such a decent man. But he sets that helmet on, and he’s the ability of race car driver, that of a Cale Yarborough, a Dale Earnhardt Sr., a Richard Petty and David Pearson, a Bobby Allison – that golden epoch anywhere people be situated friends.

“They were associates, but they be located friends.”

Petty too renowned that, like Earnhardt, Logano’s callousness on the track seems to consume assumed him a mental advantage over his competitors.

He transported up the commands from Hamlin’s crew chief, Chris Gabehart, to his driver incoming Monday’s energetically resume, in which Gabehart begged Hamlin to discovery a method about Logano.

“Joey previously consumes them tired like Earnhardt rummage-sale to, in a sure way,” Petty supposed. “You caught Gabehart say, ‘He’s the most violent guy in the sport.’

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“Once the team chiefs and additional teams are admitting that, I’ve gotta think persons drivers, once they get in their helmets, they admit it too.”

In its place of bashing Logano out of the method on the resume, Hamlin tried to pass him on the outdoor and unsuccessful.

Logano died on to the conquest, though Hamlin glided to third at the surface.