Maternity nurse Lisa Squire, 51, exclusively said she would like to talk with him to discover her final words and to find out what happened in the event that the three-year anniversary of the disappearance of Libby draws near.

The mother of the murdered student Libby Squire is ready to confront her killer at the high-security prison to inquire “How did my daughter die?” Maternity nurse Lisa Squire, 51, speaking only in The Mirror, said: “I’d like to be seated next to him and drink an espresso with him. I would really like to.

“I am interested in knowing what transpired that night. I’m not certain what transpired. What were her last words? What was her last words? Did you strike her?

“I want him to have to look at me.”

This month marks the third anniversary of when Libby 21, a resident of High Wycombe, was snatched from the snow-covered streets in Hull before being raped and killed following a night out in 2019.

Mum says she is confident enough to confront her daughter’s killer who is in prison in the highest security HMP Wakefield.

“He can’t hurt me any more than he already has done and I need answers,” she added.

She worries that the killer of her child, Pawel Relowicz, could be arrested earlier because of his voyeurism and flashing crime which were carried out prior to the murder of Libby.

University of Hull student, Libby was taken off the street by her married father after she was barred from an evening club because she was drunk.

At risk and isolated Libby was in the sights of Relowicz who was making use of the area for students for the “hunting ground” – flashing at women in the area as well as breaking into houses to steal their underwear and sexual toys.

He loaded Libby into his car and drove her to a remote park where he sexually assaulted then murdered her before dumping her body into the Humber. Her body was found floating in the sea for within 48 hours of her death.

In court , bespectacled Relowicz was 26, who cut a sad figure in the dock, only turning his head to look up at the parents of Libby’s sitting in the gallery in front of him.

“He’s been detained for more than three years, and now appears to be showing his true colors and isn’t the quiet small-sized man was his former self.

“I want him to be forced to face me and answer my questions.”

Lisa who lives with her husband Russell and their son Russell in High Wycombe and has three teenagers three at home, two at school and one at a university told the Daily Mail that later in the month she’ll have the ability to “relive” her daughter’s horrifying murder in a minute-by-minute details.

“We have watched all the CCTV. We have footage leading up to when they arrived at the park. You can clearly see her getting into his car. We can see the car that has her in it, driving towards the park. The time stamps are written onto my mind.

“That’s very difficult, since on the 31st day of January I’ll be running through that in my head.

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“I will be keeping an eye on the time from 11.30 when she was leaving the club until nine minutes after midnight when the police arrived to pick her up.

“I will be thinking “she was in her car now…they were driving on this road at the time’.

“I will play it back in my head, as an endless video loop inside my mind.

“But there’s seven minutes in which I am unsure exactly what happened. Then her screams were heard and he sat her down.”

She claimed it’s because of those 7 minutes that she would like to participate in the process of restorative justice.