Katalin Erzebet Bradley 44, is accused of murdering 2-year-old Alex Juhasz last October and could get out of jail in the event that she is not deemed fit to stand trial following an evaluation of her psychiatric condition.

A mom is accused of stabbing her toddler son to death, then throwing his body on the Lidl checkout counter could be spared prison time.

Former porn star Katalin Erzebet Bradacs was placed in custody for preventive reasons after being accused of murdering a 2-year-old Alex Juhasz last October in Citta Della Pieve, a Central Italian area of Umbria.

The Hungarian national was reported to have went into the Lidl supermarket and yelled for assistance while she placed the bloody body of her son on top of the checkout counter.

Little Alex was declared dead and nine stabbing wounds uncovered on his body, in his neck and chest area.

Former nightclub dancing turned adult performer was taken care of by health professionals on the spot before she was detained by the police following the discovery of the police found a knife in her bag.

A bloody T-shirt, which was punctured with nine holes, as well as a woman’s sweater were later found in a nearby building that was abandoned.

The suspect was arrested and is now in an inmate facility located in the town of Perugia.

She’ll undergo an evaluation of her psychiatric condition at the end of the month that will determine whether she is able to be a witness or undergo involuntary treatment for psychiatric issues should she be found not to be a suitable candidate to receive it, Local media from Hungary reports.

The court is believed to have hired an interpreter for the hearing despite the fact that the defendant is Italian.

Police believe the motive is linked in revenge on Alex’s father Bradacs’s father, whom Bradacs was separated from. The two were fighting over the custody rights of Alex.

Norbert Juhasz who is from Hungary has alerted authorities Hungarian authorities following the time he was given a picture of his son’s death through WhatsApp.

Bradacs is believed that she sent her picture shortly prior to her visit to the store with the body of her toddler According to reports.

During the police interview the mother did not deny the allegations and stated to the officers: “I did not kill my son.”

She is said to have told the truth in three versions about what happened before she decided to stay silent following recommendations from her attorney Enrico Renzoni.

The suspect was living in Chiusi Scalo, a Tuscan city of Chiusi Scalo at the home of a man who run the nightclub that she worked at.

Also, she has an 18-year-old son who is from Hungary and the father of whom is deceased.

Norbert claims that Bradacs fled Italy along with Alex in September 2021, after an Hungarian court granted the boy Alex.

He has claimed that, during the time Bradacs was expecting Alex she would be hit on her belly, and she used steroids.

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Witnesses have also claimed they observed the woman abusing her son on another incident.

According to Hungarian news website Bors the trial is in the process in Italy Bradacs is expected to be able to avoid jail time.

The parents of defendants Gyorgy as well as Erzsebet have announced that they’ll continue to stand by their daughter.

They also have expressed concerns that she might end her life if she is not treated medical attention.

Her father told her: “I hope they can cure her and she will realise what she has done.”

The case is ongoing.