The maxim “similar people are attracted to one another” has taken another significance for a California family that found more than 800 birds as visitors in their home.

The Torrance, California family got back from supper on April 21 in Torrance to find moving birds had attacked their home through the stack woodwind, KTLA announced. The TV station retained the last name of the family at their solicitation.

A video from the family showed the birds revolving around over the home prior to plunging into the fireplace.

“It’s so difficult to clarify. On the off chance that you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’d never trust it,” a relative told the station.

‘We lost check after 800’: Video shows Torrance home invade by moving birds

Nearby area creature control authorities encouraged the family to leave the entryways open just plain silly to get away. The solitary issue: they would not like to leave.

After the group neglected to take off from her home, the family selected to remain in an inn while a family member, Patrick Belleville, approached attempt to remove the multitude.

“They acted like they needed to get out, however they wasn’t going no place,” Belleville said to the station. “They were simply flying near, just all over the place, each room in the house, each restroom.”