The gesture that the teenager used is thought to have been created to enable victims of domestic violence, such as teens, to seek help. It gained attention in the UK following the death of Sarah Everard which sparked discussions about women’s safety.

After using hand signals that were viraled on TikTok, a 16-year old girl was reported missing and found in the USA.

A silver Toyota was carrying the girl when a motorist saw her use , the gesture which was designed to address a global rise in domestic violence.

After recognizing the meaning of the hand signal and noting that the teenager seemed to be in distress, the driver dialled 911.

James Herbert Brick, 61 of Cherokee, North Carolina was later taken into custody by police as he drove near an interstate in Kentucky on Thursday afternoon.

Brick’s parents reported Brick missing on Tuesday morning. Brick, Laurel County Sheriff John Root stated in a statement that Brick had found the teenager inside the car Brick was driving.


Officers did not know the identity of the girl who claimed she traveled with Brick through North Carolina and Tennessee as well as Kentucky and Ohio.

This gesture, which became viral on TikTok last year, involves placing your palm up and tucking in your thumb.

The Women’s Funding Network in the USA and the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched it during the initial days of the pandemic. It was designed to address domestic violence, which had increased while lockdown measures were in effect.

It could be used to alert family members, friends, colleagues, or coworkers during video calls or when answering the door.

Social media has made it possible to share advice on how to use the gesture around the globe.

After the death of Sarah Everard , a hand gesture was suggested to women. This sparked a discussion about women’s safety.