Sony and Microsoft have been involved in a public back-and-forth for some time. The recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $70 billion has put both companies at odds with one another. This lawsuit is a result of that, and will be followed by several others. Read on to find out who’s right. Microsoft is the one accusing Sony of blocking its games from Game Pass.

PlayStation 4

Microsoft has accused Sony of intentionally blocking games from its subscription service Game Pass. This is a surprising move, considering that Sony has never blocked anything from a subscription service, but it certainly makes sense. While Sony has publicly stated its stance against subscription services and games, it seems that the new business model is a threat to its exclusivity and device-centric strategy. Sony is not the first to charge block fees to prevent other companies from adding games to its service.

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Microsoft has accused Sony of using anti-Game Pass tactics to scare away other companies. The Game Pass service is a subscription service that provides high-quality content for a low price. Sony’s approach, based on a platform-exclusive strategy, has been seen as stifling growth and innovation. By blocking access to Game Pass, Sony has prevented other companies from participating in the subscription service, threatening competition and preventing innovation.

Xbox Game Pass

As Microsoft and Sony continue their battle over digital subscription gaming, Sony is being accused of deliberately blocking some of its own games from the Xbox Game Service. The accusations come in a document that was sent to the Brazilian competition regulator. While Microsoft did not elaborate on the allegations, the company did say that Sony has paid third-party companies to block certain games from being added to the rival service. Sony, however, did not respond to this accusation, and it’s not clear if they’re trying to block Game Pass’s expansion.

Sony is accused of paying publishers to block games from being added to the Xbox Game Service, which is a huge advantage for the PlayStation platform. This strategy has been going on for years, but Microsoft says that it’s simply trying to stop the game service’s growth. Microsoft believes that Sony is blocking the game service in order to make its own platform exclusive. However, it’s unclear whether Sony will make its games available on the PlayStation Store, which would be more lucrative.


There are several reasons why Sony would block games from its game service, but one main one is the fact that the Xbox wants to reach its target number of subscribers. Sony pays part of the costs of developing the game in exchange for the rights to influence its sales. The alleged block fees were not disclosed in the lawsuit because of privacy reasons, but the practice is not new. Sony is a leader in the digital games distribution industry and would likely be a tough pill to swallow.

While Sony has publicly stated that it is not blocking subscription services, it is paying third parties to block the creation of new content, and it is worried that this will harm its exclusivity-focused and device-centric business model. But Microsoft believes that Sony is attempting to prevent developers from adding new content to its gaming service. Hence, the accusation of blocking games from Game Pass is a valid one.