Microphones Are the New Gaming Status Symbol

In the early 2000s, plastic headsets and microphones were the norm for matchmaking queues. By 2010, PC gamers were celebrities and shifted from the basement to a LA mansion. Andrew, a PC gamer from the UK, wanted a better microphone and decided to upgrade his gaming system. As his PC gaming grew, his microphone needed a little upgrading. Now, he can use a high-end headset to compete with the best in the industry.

Bi-directional microphones

When a sound hits a stereo microphone, the waves that hit it from both sides have opposite polarity and equal amplitude. With a bidirectional mic, sounds that hit the mic’s diaphragm will have the same amplitude and phase. Because of this, sounds hitting the mic from either side will cancel each other out. This is a great way to avoid a ring of rejection and hear both sides of the stereo signal.

Noise-canceling microphones

The rise of gaming headsets has made noise-canceling microphones the new status symbol. These headsets feature two microphones: the primary one, which faces the user’s mouth, and a secondary one, which picks up background noise from all directions. The noise-canceling microphone targets the user’s voice and electronically reduces background noise to ensure that the voice sounds clear. While there are many designs to choose from, all noise-canceling microphones are similar in function and are similar in design. The primary microphone is on the mic boom, which is the most common location. The secondary microphone is positioned on the headband.

Pressure-sensitive microphones

The use of pressure-sensitive microphones in video games has been gaining popularity in recent years. These devices mimic the appearance of ordinary microphones but have some unique features. They are typically tubular in design and have a diaphragm in the middle. When sound hits the diaphragm, the microphone reacts by generating a signal. However, singers and other vocalists are unlikely to be interested in using these devices.

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Condenser microphones

For those of us who don’t know, condenser microphones are audio recording devices with a small, low-noise capacitor that creates audio signals. These devices typically consist of two metal-covered plates – a diaphragm and a backplate. The diaphragm acts like a capacitor, with the distance between the plates changing as the audio signal passes through them. This voltage variation is then converted into a high-quality audio signal. Condenser microphones are often used in recording studios, and their low-noise capabilities make them an ideal choice for capturing high-quality sound.

USB microphones

USB microphones are the new gaming status symbol. They deliver zero-latency monitoring of the microphone signal, which is timed to match the output of the computer or digital device. However, USB microphones often receive a bad rap from audio professionals. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a USB microphone. It’s worth mentioning that the internal amplifier of a USB microphone enables zero-latency monitoring.