Michael Cha as of late played a go between for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

During his appearance on the SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, the 39-year-old Saturday Night Live star uncovered that he was the person who concocted the Aladdin sketch for the show.
The sketch started the sentiment among Pete and the 41-year-old Skims organizer.

Cha facetiously uncovered that the humorist hasn’t said thanks to him for getting the couple along with the assistance of his drama. “In no way, shape or form. He hasn’t referenced it,” Cha said.

The show’s host said, “You are a remarkable go between. You composed the Aladdin sketch for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian,” while he added. “Take a gander at all the difficulty you began.”

“Above all else, presently Pete is tucked away in this Kardashian way of life. Did he at any point come to you and say “Thank you for composing this I got to make out with this chick and presently I’m with her?” the public broadcast inquired.

“This is the primary I’ve heard they’re dating, as a matter of fact. Is it serious?” Cha kidded accordingly.

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