Metaverse Real Estate Sales to Grow by $5B by 2026 - Market Research Report

According to the latest market research report, metaverse real estate sales will increase by 52% by 2026. Canada and the U.S. will be the two largest markets in North America. While prices of the metaverse properties will fluctuate, the U.S. and Canada will become the top two markets in North America. Metaverse is considered to be the next logical step in online connections, with endless possibilities. Companies like Meta Platforms Inc., Microsoft, and Nike are making a beeline for the metaverse.

U.S. and Canada will be two main markets in North America

The U.S. and Canada will account for 41% of the metaverse real estate market growth by 2026, with U.S. sales expected to increase at the fastest rate compared with MEA and South America. The growth is primarily due to rising adoption of technologically advanced applications and a growing number of big brands. Additionally, this market is highly concentrated, and vendors are deploying technological innovation to stay ahead of their competitors.

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In the coming years, the U.S. and Canada will account for nearly four-fifths of all growth, with the U.S. and Canada representing the largest markets. Large businesses are already acquiring virtual property for marketing and promotional purposes, and more acquisitions are expected in the near future. Because prices of virtual land do not follow physical-world trends, the price of metaverse real estate will vary based on the buyer’s view. However, there are many challenges to the expansion of the metaverse real estate market. The Covid-19-induced global lockdown in 2018 raised demand for VR/AR systems and accelerated the growth of the metaverse real estate industry.

Prices of metaverse real estate will fluctuate

In the metaverse, prices of virtual real estate will rise and fall. It is possible to purchase virtual land through the metaverse platforms. But since these platforms are based on the NFT, prices of these properties will fluctuate. Therefore, buyers must be aware of the risks involved before they invest in these properties. Here are some factors to consider before investing in metaverse real estate. Once you understand these factors, you can invest wisely in virtual real estate.

Because of the high demand for metaverse real estate, prices will fluctuate. There will be times when prices go up and down, and there will be times when prices plummet. While it is inevitable that metaverse real estate prices will fluctuate, there are certain guidelines you can follow to protect yourself from the dangers of investing. First of all, you must have enough funds. You should also invest in properties with a good reputation. Secondly, you should always choose the best place to purchase metaverse real estate.

Mark Zuckerberg views Apple as major rival to Meta

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Meta Platforms as a major competitor to Apple, which is rapidly expanding its services. The two companies have radically different business models and visions for the future of digital commerce. While both are focused on leveraging social media to drive online traffic, Meta’s business model is to exchange services for money or attention. Apple, on the other hand, focuses on direct interactions with consumers to sell premium products.

Apple is a major competitor of Meta, and Mark Zuckerberg sees the two companies in philosophical competition. Apple is rumored to launch its first augmented reality headset later this year, and Meta is aiming to create more open tech to compete with Apple. However, both companies have their advantages and disadvantages. Apple is launching a product for the iPhone that will integrate with its software, and Meta is focusing on a less expensive alternative.