Merve Bolugur updated the holiday image

Merve Bolugur has been absent from the screens for some time but she does not forget her name thanks to her social networking poses, explanations, and poses. His YouTube channel is where the actor often makes statements. Merve Bolugur’s new pose attracted attention via social media. The actress wore tights and showed off her new image.

Bulgur, who cut his hair, was greatly appreciated. Merve Bolugur, 33 years old, stood out in her black-clad poses. Merve Bolugur updated her image by sharing her poses and adding the note “My holiday haircut”. Fans admired Merve Bolugur’s black shorts and blacktop as she posed in the chair. Bulgur, who had been absent from the screens for some time, addressed critics of his black dress and red lipstick in a YouTube video. The actress, 33 years old, said that she was a woman who can be integrated with black. Red lipstick is essential. “I want to see Merve’s character like this.” Bulgur continued his statement by saying, “They tell it doesn’t fit me.” Bulgur continued, “They say it doesn’t suit me. I won’t give up on it just because they say so. I have taken my hand off my life. This is what adulthood means. Recently, the famous actress said that one of her fans said to her, “I’m always causing problems within the relationship and am involuntarily taken up to everything.” It’s so frustrating.

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To the question, he replied: I’m not good at private relations. I am like a truck with bad exhaust. Today’s women are masculine. Many men look like women…