Persebaya Surabaya achieved to stage into the 2021 Menpora Cup quarter-finals afterward a goalless draw in contradiction of Persela Lamongan in the 2021 Menpora Cup Collection C sustained at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung, Saturday (3/4).

The attraction complete Persebaya succeed even however he motionless has one competition left. This is since the Persebaya opinions determination not be talented to be followed by other squads, except PSS Sleman.


As a effect, the Bajul Ijo team will succeed at least through the status of second place in Group C. This can occur if Persebaya misplaces to PSS in the last competition of the collection phase.


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That way, PSS and Persebaya will together collect seven points. Though, the Javanese Eagle has the right to come out as group victors since it is larger in head to skull.


This match unlocked with a head clash knowledgeable by two Persela players, Riyanto Abiyoso clashing with Eky Taufik which prompted Abiyoso to be immediately replaced by Malik Risaldi.


Afterwards that, the match amongst the two teams was violent. Persebaya and Persela both endangered each additional but no goals remained bent until the first half ended.


In the second half, Persebaya created chances through Samsul Arif. However, this chance did not result in a goal because Samsul Arif’s shot might still be tenable by Persela custodian Dwi Kuswanto.


Persela is not without chances. Laskar Joko Tingkir gave intimidations finished Ibrahim Kosepa but his labors did not jeopardize Satria Tama’s goal pending lastly the notch in the goalless draw did not change pending the competition was ended.


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