Mena Suvari shares her story about turning to meth and other hard drugs as a way to deal with childhood sexual trauma.

Mena Suvari is sharing some intimate details about her past struggle with drug addiction and the party lifestyle she fell into as a young Hollywood actress.

Kevin Spacey played the role of a teenage cheerleader who falls for a middle-aged man. Spacey won an Oscar for her performance in “American Beauty”. In 1999, she was a star in “American Pie,” a high school comedy. In her memoir “The Great Peace: a Memoir”, the actress describes how she got into methamphetamine before her breakthrough role.

People reports that Suvari was introduced to the drug while on vacation as a teenager, saying it “blew my mind.” She returned to Los Angeles and met some friends who had more access. This was when she started hanging out with them. It was the beginning of a “very dark road.”

Mena Suvari shares her story about turning to meth and other hard drugs as a way to deal with childhood sexual trauma.

Star noted that drugs helped her deal with trauma from her past. In her book, she explains that she was abused sexually by an older brother’s friend when she was sixth grade.

She relates that her teenage years were a time when she was able to hang out with her family and just go out. “And the rave scene. We’d do all those things. So I tried everything. Mescaline. “I mean anything.”

In her book, Suvari describes entering a three-year relationship with a man she identifies as “Tyler,” who abused her sexually and emotionally throughout their relationship. She says that Tyler didn’t condone meth use.

She explained that he was not averse to marijuana or other drugs but didn’t like this one.

Unfortunately, her decision to leave meth but not the party lifestyle left her open to other drugs.

“You know, acid and ecstasy, and other things like that. She explained that the time she spent with him was so dark, that I had to have those things.

She says she quickly discovered that acting was something she enjoyed and she was soon offered the role of “American Pie”.

“But then, you’ll know, my work that chance, that art saved my life, that was my healthy addiction I had to replace it with.”

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Soon after, she broke up with Tyler and stopped using drugs. Suvari was able, with the help of therapy and close friends outside of her partying lifestyle and her career, to take her life and work to new heights. She met Mike Hope, her husband, while filming the Hallmark movie “I’ll be Home for Christmas” (2016). They married in 2018 and share son, Christopher, who they welcomed in April.