Melania Trump's Auction of Hat Hit by Plunge in Cryptocurrency

Last month, Melania Trump hosted an online auction for a hat she wore during her trip to France to visit President Macron. Along with the actual hat, the sale also featured a watercolor of the first lady wearing the adornment. Another piece was a digital work of art. This is called a “non-fungible token,” and it features an animated version of Melania wearing the frock.

In the auction, Trump sold a hat she wore during her visit to the French capital during the 2018 Macron visit. A watercolor of her wearing the hat was also included in the auction, as well as a non-fungible token. The digital piece of art is a digital version of a model of Melania wearing the frock. The flurry of bidders in the online auction was caused by the crash in cryptocurrency prices.

Melania Trump's Auction of Hat Hit by Plunge in Cryptocurrency

A three-piece package deal was announced on the Solana blockchain during Melania Trump’s visit to France. The minimum bid for this auction was $250,000. As of Thursday, however, only one of the three pieces had been sold. As of Thursday, the cryptocurrency SOL was selling at $170 per token, while the hat itself was sold for $350,000.

The hat is currently up for bid on an online auction site called Solana, which accepts the cryptocurrency, Solana. The currency’s value has plunged more than 40 percent over the past week, and the hat itself has fallen 40%. The sale would have taken place during a spike in the crypto market in December 2021. But the market is now choppy and the hat’s value is now worthless.

Despite the price hike, there was no sign of the auction until late Tuesday night. Earlier in the day, the hat’s high-end bid dropped to around $170,000. But the hat was still worth more than that, but the market’s volatility has caused the price to fall further. The winner of the auction can still reach the dollar value of the coveted shat.

As of Tuesday, only five offers had been made on the hat. A minimum bid of $250,000 had been set for the hat’s auction, but offers were only accepted in Solana’s cryptocurrency or SOL. It was reportedly valued at $170 per token. The price of the hat plunged to almost half of that. The bidding has been suspended until Wednesday.

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As of Wednesday morning, the auction of the hat has been suspended. Its minimum bid was $250,000, which is about $90,000 below the original asking price. But the auction site has since been open again, and the highest bid still stands at 1,800 SOL, or about $177,750. As of today, the amount of bitcoin being spent on the hat has increased to nearly $5 million.