Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle revealed several details about her life, including her decision to quit her job, how she nearly committed suicide, and how she was questioned about her son’s skin color. In the same interview, she also revealed that she and Prince Harry are expecting their second child, a girl. The royal couple recently confirmed that their first child is a boy, and that they are planning to have another daughter.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan claimed that she lied about her passport. The media piled on, claiming that the two were a ‘hoax’. However, the Archbishop of Canterbury denied the allegations and said it would have been illegal to marry the royal couple in secret. Morgan claims that she knew that the’secret’ wedding didn’t exist because it was staged and that she and Harry were married in public.

As part of the investigation into the allegations, Meghan claimed that her father’s involvement in the affair had been fabricated by media. Moreover, she said that she had lied about her passport to Oprah. This prompted Morgan to resign and is now facing charges of disgrace. Her former boss reportedly had an “ill-gotten” secret in her head, which led to her dismissal.

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The interview with Oprah has triggered a firestorm. The media stoked this story by promoting the British royal. The interview has been criticized as a racist and sexist attack. The new Meghan is being portrayed in an entirely different light. If she is telling the truth, she is putting her husband’s reputation at risk. While the interview was filmed in secret, the evidence is overwhelming.

The media is trying to make Meghan Markle look guilty. While it is difficult to believe her, she is the American wife of Prince Harry. The two met at the same charity and were engaged six months later. Although they were not close at the time, they spent thirteen holidays together. She did not accompany her husband to Toronto and New York, but she had no problem with the latter’s decision to travel without him.

Her story was fueled by the media’s reporting. While she has not commented on the allegations, she has been criticized for her “truths” in many interviews. Her story, however, has not been verified by the Queen. The British media have a tendency to make the royal couple look like bad people. She has not endorsed the story. The Royal couple’s relationship is in the public eye.

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