Megan Fox has three sons, Noah Green (eight years old), Bodhi Green (7 year) and Journey Green (4 year). As a parent, Megan worries about being the best mother to her children while also having to deal with the public scrutiny.

Fox spoke out about the judgment she faces and how people often ask her where her kids are. When she’s not at home. She said, “You don’t expect a father to be there all the time. But I’m supposed not to be seen but be at home with my children.” They have another parent. They have another parent. Sometimes I have to leave, and other times I don’t want them photographed. Fox is protective of her children because Noah, her oldest son, was bullied for wearing dresses in the past. InStyle interviewed Fox to defend Noah.

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Fox openly spoke with InStyle about her desire for protection of her children, particularly Noah. She claims that Noah has been the target of cruel people online due to his clothing choices. Fox stated, “I don’t want him ever to have to read that crap because he hears about it from little children at his school who are like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses.'”