MeetinVR Launches Metaverse Collaboration Solution For Businesses and Education

With a new update to their platform, MeetinVR promises a higher level of experience. This update will bring new tools and major visual and user experience improvements. The Copenhagen-based company also plans to “refurbish” all of their rooms. Some of the companies that have used the solution include Teleperformance, one of the most trusted companies in multi-channel customer experience, and Takeda, a Japanese pharmaceutical company.


The virtual/mixed reality solution called MeetinVR is a new way to collaborate, share information and conduct meetings virtually. It can be used for training sessions, brainstorming, and presentations. Several productivity tools are integrated, such as 3D pen, virtual screens, and whiteboards. Companies can purchase subscription plans to use the virtual environment. It can also be customized with features that enhance productivity.

Oculus Quest 2

MeetinVR, an immersive technology company, has developed a virtual reality platform that will enable teams to collaborate across physical and digital space. The company has been developing its virtual reality platform since 2016. They first published it on the Oculus Store in March 2021, making it one of the best VR apps of the year. With a new platform for collaboration, teams will be able to build site inspections, team-building presentations, and more.

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Ready Player Me

A virtual reality platform for meetings, workshops, and training has just been launched by MeetinVR. The company has been in the virtual reality industry for a while, but it has just recently launched a new metaverse collaboration solution geared towards businesses and education. It enables teams to collaborate in an entirely new way, using the power of virtual reality. To learn more, listen to our podcast episode where we talk to Timmu Toke, CEO of Wolf3D, a virtual reality company.

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A new VR/AR experience, MeetinVR has launched a metaverse collaboration solution for businesses and education. It works with both Macs and PCs and is an immersive experience that connects companies in a shared virtual space. Its enterprise-grade software allows collaboration on key use cases including remote sales and training of distributed teams. While MeetinVR offers a free version, a range of monthly paid plans includes fully customized rooms that can be tailored to fit a business’s needs.


Metaverse is a three-dimensional internet powered by virtual reality. It supports an unlimited number of users and VR worlds and is fully interoperable. Metaverse workspaces can accommodate up to a million users, enabling feature-rich collaboration experiences for businesses and education. The benefits of metaverse collaboration space are outlined below. What makes metaverse an ideal tool for collaboration? Here are three reasons.


MeetinVR has launched a new collaboration platform that combines virtual reality and three-dimensional internet. With unlimited workspaces and VR worlds, the platform is self-sustaining and interoperable. It is also compatible with productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Slack, and allows users to collaborate in real-time with 3D avatars. To get started, check out the MeetinVR website.

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The Metaverse is a virtual world for collaboration. The developers behind the technology have launched a beta version of the app. The app allows you to navigate and control the meeting space. You can also activate augmented reality mode so you can view the meeting in context. You can even see your meeting participants’ surroundings. This tool is designed to be flexible and expandable to accommodate the changing needs of businesses and educational institutions.