Famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola criticizes Marvel Studios in a new way, claiming that it’s now ruining studio films such as Dune or No Time To Die.

Francis Ford Coppola says that Marvel Studios is ruining studio films like Dune as well as No Time To Die. Apart from superhero films, there’s an assortment of films that came out in 2021 and were a hit with fans and critics alike. It comprises Denis Villeneuve’s Dune to Warner Bros. and Cary Fukunaga’s James Bond film, No Time To Die. While generally receiving positive evaluations, Coppola says that cites some of his issues with the films and attributes these problems down on to the fact that there is an MCU.

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Following Martin Scorsese’s outspoken remarks about Marvel films in the year 2019, Coppola was a part of the discussion to support his fellow filmmaker from Italy. The Godfather director shared Scorsese’s earlier views on that the MCU as not being cinema. The director went further by calling the MCU franchise ” despicable.” Since this time, the debate is a hot discussion among fans and those in the industry, with even those directly involved in the making of these films joining in. The discussion slowed down for a while , until the last time it was revived when Ridley Scott and Ronald Emmerich revived it , essentially discussing Scorsese and Coppola’s views.

Then, Coppola is expanding on his critique regarding Marvel films. Interview with the magazine GQ the well-known director claims that the MCU films are almost identical which he has earlier mentioned. However, he adds that he thinks that due to the fact that it’s a generic series is affecting other studio films and he cites as well Dune and No Time To Die‘s action set pieces as being too alike.

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