The mother of a young girl has been found guilty of murdering her daughter, Alijah Thomas, with a chain and blanket after she pleaded with her not to kill her. The mother was suffering from mental health problems and turned to alcohol during the Covid-19 lockdown. Madarova was in a “dark place” the night before her daughter’s death, which is not the first time she’d been depressed. A few months prior to her daughter’s murder, Madarova was also worried about her income after reducing her hours as a carer. After missing the deadline for her daughter to enroll her in school, Madarova became anxious and drank two bottles of wine, which may have been an excuse for her actions.

Despite the evidence that Madarova had abused her daughter, the court was not persuaded by these facts. The court was satisfied that Madarova was a good mother and had no prior history of mistreating her child. She had no criminal record prior to this incident, which made her guilty of manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

The case against Madarova was made public after the judge ruled that she had committed the crime. Her mental state had deteriorated as a result of the COVID pandemic. Her drinking habits led to an increase in her mental state. In September last year, Alijah’s mother was arrested on suspicion of murder and later admitted to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

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Madarova was a good mother before the incident, but turned to alcohol instead of seeking medical advice. As she was sent to jail, the court was deeply affected by her grief. She is still trying to cope with the aftermath of Alijah’s death. The verdict came after a five-year trial. The trial continued to focus on Madarova’s behaviour, as the judge noted that she had ignored repeated warnings from doctors.

After her daughter’s death, Madarova was convicted of murder. Her daughter was a Slovakian national who had troubled mental health, but she had tried to regain her daughter’s trust by turning to alcohol, according to her father. During the trial, the mother admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility. She was sentenced to five years in prison at the Old Bailey and was ordered to pay compensation to the girl’s family.

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The case is still unclear. The court found that Madarova was a responsible, exemplary mother. There were no previous instances of the mother mistreating her daughter. The conviction of Madarova is a shocking outcome for Alijah’s family. The girl was just a few months old when she was smothered by her mother.