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Maro DēLo, a singer-songwriter, makes music that unites his fans and gives them a sense of belonging, he has a white-hot passion for writing melodious songs that make his listeners feel less alone. Maro DēLo seeks to provide his fans with a secure place where they may feel heard and understood by touching on numerous parts of life and the human condition.

His goal in writing these songs

When he began composing the lyrics for “Take My Time”, he had its instrumentation in mind. His goal in writing this piece was to avoid making the story of a romantic breakup sound gloomy and depressing. With that in mind, he opted to use solely actual instruments in the song and launch it with an upbeat hook. The song’s last chorus and bridge were recorded in double time to amplify the feeling that he wanted the listeners to experience.

When he writes lyrics, he wants the audience to fill in the blanks with their perception of his song’s meaning thereby creating a song that each listener can relate their own story to. The instrumentation, melody and inflection add authenticity. Maro partnered with Grammy Nominated Producer, David Ivory to release his new songs “Willing Hands” and “Take My Time.” 

Discovering his self-identity

On the subject of branding, he believes that discovering his self-identity was the catalyst for all of it. When he entered high school, he was forced to face the fact that he had no idea what he wanted to do. He concluded that music is his wheelhouse and it’s what gave him the clarity he needed to see his way to success. Once he decided to devote his life to the entertainment industry, he was hell bent on working hard and dedicating himself to mastering his craft. 

Even if he can’t perform, DēLo said that Covid didn’t stop him. He continued to write, record, rehearse, act, and model as much as he could during lockdown. In fact, he believes that during the Covid-19 lockdown, he produced some of his best songs! The cyclical structure of his music career dictates what he expects to do following the Covid. A time for creating and time for touring, and he says he’ll keep shifting back and forth between the two in the event of future disturbances that prevent him from touring or demand a lockdown.

Maro Dēlo working with David Ivory

Maro Dēlo is a genius at what he does and continues to amaze his audience and fans every time. Maro and David Ivory work together in the studio and plan many more upcoming songs for fans. Without altering his original compositions, David produces his music with an eye on elevating the song and making it the best it can be. That’s part of what makes the relationship with producer and artist so unique. Maro Dēlo said, “Working with David is so smooth because of all of these factors at play and the only flow that occurs is organic.” In addition to producing music together, Maro and David are working on a behind-the-scenes documentary on the songwriting process.

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