Travelers claimed they faced delays of more than three hours to pass through security checkpoints with many complaining the airport was understaffed as others were left in tears after missing their flight

Hundreds of passengers have been caught the chaos of Manchester Airport with numerous flights being delayed due to lengthy lines at security.

Travelers reported delays of up to three hours in getting through security checkpoints , with many complaining that the airport was not adequately staffed.

Many passengers were crying for being left stranded after flights left without them.

Manchester Airport said the longest security line was less than an hour and half and they have since apologised to those affected for the inconvenience’.

They claimed they were faced with an increase in staff absences as well as a greater number of people travelling’ that has not been the case over the last few weeks.

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Another individual who was planning to travel to Ireland for Christmas, told of staying at the airport for the night to catch a different flight, having missed her previous one.

A number of passengers have expressed their frustrations via social media, including one complaint that they had to pay out the money to take an in-flight PCR testing “only to be able to attend a huge spreader event prior to hopping onto an airplane!”

Some airlines have delayed departures to ensure that as many passengers as they could would be able to take the flight.

The airport has apologized through the Twitter platform for the “longer than normal’ line-ups in Terminal 1 which they say resulted from staff shortages that are not linked to Covid.

Resources were diverted away from Terminal Two and travellers were prioritized in the queue when it was possible, the officials said.

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Customers were advised to arrive at the airport by the time that the airline advises prior to the holiday season.

The airport yesterday night responded to a number of complaints on Twitter with the same tweet.

Tweet from Manchester Airport said: “We are aware that security lines took longer to wait than like to have expected this morning and we apologize for any inconveniences caused.

“We do everything we can to minimize delays. We thank our the customers for their patience.”

Fiona Slater had already struggled with delays and cancellations of trains in her journey towards the airport in Huddersfield as she arrived in Manchester the night before.

Arriving just after 8.45pm to catch a flight at 10pm to Dublin the final flight of the day’s flights – she was confronted by huge lines at security.

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“I have traveled extensively during Covid and it has never been a problem,” she told the Manchester Evening News .

“I was talking to an individual who had missed his flight on the first attempt and had to head back out to purchase a ticket for a different flight and was forced to be through security once more

“There was no information from the personnel. They would say on the tannoys that for anyone who was on that Emirates plane to Dubai the flight was being kept back. There were no announcements concerning Ryanair. We assumed that they would similarly for our flight.

“I had my security check at 10.15pm and right before my boyfriend text me to inform him that he could see my flight had left.

“Nobody could provide me with any information, they simply claimed they didn’t have any information.”

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Fiona and a few others tried to remain in the air to avoid having to go through security once more however, they were eventually taken away by the police, and then taken on an auto that took them to land.

Along with other passengers, she purchased tickets for the first flights to Dublin early this morning at 8am and waited at the airport all night.

Daniel got through security at 10pm, having missed his flight, and went home.

“They couldn’t run the airport properly,” he says. “It wasn’t really the staff’s fault.

“But I can’t see it being any different today.”