A man called Winardi who rights to be Imam Mahdi recurs in Bedahan, Sawangan, and Depot. He was around to have a conference with his followers but the local citizen rejected him.

Sawangan police chief AKP Rio Mikael said Winardi plans to hold a conference through his followers on Saturday (10/4). The conference was deliberate to be held at Winardi’s house.


The residents then exposed the plan for the conference. Later, the Head of Bedahan Village, local public bests and police officers then died to Winardi’s house.


After the coming of the security militaries at Winardi’s house, Rio supposed that the meeting that was to be held was irrecoverable.


“Canceled, it’s not over. It is conducive and there are no glitches,” he said.


Cited from a number of intelligences, in 2019, Winardi also demanded to be the Imam Mahdi. At that time, the Indonesian Ulema Assembly (MUI) Depok interfered and gave a cautionary to him.


From the conference with MUI, Winardi stated and understood his error and had repented.


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