Debate has raged over whether pineapple belongs to a pizza, but those for and against desire to cast aside their differences to unite against this new foe: watermelon pizza.
And we do not mean adding pieces of the fruit on top of a pizza pie, instead using a watermelon as the base .

The eccentric culinary invention has been brought to existence by Oliver Paterson, who shared a cooking guide to his TikTok.

The 24-year-old, by the U.K., used a centre cut from a watermelon to achieve that pizza shape, before skillet

He explained:”I’ve made several videos employing a variety of things as a pizza base–such as recently making a hash brown foundation pizza. I have made BBQ-roasted watermelon before and it was amazing, I saw someone make that on a TV series called Crazy Delicious understood by [British chef] Heston Blumenthal and they said it was good on the series, so I thought I’d combine the two to make a BBQ-based pizza–I do not think that it would function with tomato at all.

“Watermelon retains its construction quite well when cooked, and I needed to grill it first to get a few of their water out and develop some Maillard reaction on the outside,” that is a browning way he later confirmed was to”caramelize” the flesh

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The most important was the taste test, which Paterson says was a winner—and his mom is even a fan.

He revealed: “It didn’t actually taste too sweet—the BBQ sauce was sweeter than the watermelon but that was balanced out by the cheese and chorizo to make a pretty well balanced snack! I made it again the next day just to eat it again—not even for a TikTok! I also made my mum try it—reluctantly—and she also really liked it, commenting how it satisfies pizza cravings whilst also being very light!”

And it seems the dish has made its way onto Paterson’s regular menu, while he may even experiment with different toppings in the future.