A TikToker went viral after she shared her clever–and permanent–plan to take revenge on her boyfriend for wronging her. The video was first shared on the internet in early last week the video, found here was viewed 1.4 million times, and has received more than 166,000 likes.

A lot of people have said it’s not an ideal idea to be tattooed with the name of a person you love regardless of how much you cherish the person (or tattoos). In reality, a 2015 survey conducted by The Harris Poll found that of their 2,225 participants among them, one of the most common mistakes in tattoos is “[getting] someone’s name that I’m no longer with.”

Some of the most common reasons behind regrettable tattoos include getting them too early, getting tattoos that do not correspond with one’s personal interests or wasn’t done well. In all, they discovered an average of 23 percent people who were tattooed regret having one for reasons of some kind or the other.

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Based on the information in her video The lover of TikToker @lanalovelace7 is likely to get into the 23 percent.

“When your POS ex wants [you] back so [you] tell him to get [your] name tatted on him but plan on ghosting him immediately afterwards,” wrote @lanalovelace7 who is known as Lana in the captions of the video.

She then cuts to a man–presumably the oblivious ex-boyfriend–receiving a tattoo on his right forearm.

Lana isn’t showing the finalized tattoo or give a follow-up on the status of their relationship. However, viewers couldn’t not get enough of Lana’s clever strategy.