A Australian man was stunned by the most deadly bird, the Cassowary came to his work area in Julatten north Queensland.

A man was shocked for the rest that he’d never experienced when most dangerous bird in the world walked into his work area. Tony Fleming, a carpenter was working on his timber furniture when an Cassowary was seen entering his shed in Julatten northern Queensland located in Australia.

Despite their shy nature Cassowaries are believed to be the most dangerous bird on earth. They can grow as tall as 1.8 meters and weigh as much as 70 kg. Their claws could grow to 10 centimetres long. They can deliver powerful kicks.

“Over a period of a year or so the Cassowary would wander around my property, chewing up plums and whatever it feeds on. Then one day it just meandered into my shed,” Tony was quoted by the Daily Mail.

Tony at first shocked , realised the Cassowary had come to look at his shed.

“I had friends down the road who had never seen the Cassowary. One of them was a photographer so they came around and took a photo,” said the photographer. told me.

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The bird is well-known in the town , and has even was seen in the local pub.

Tony stated it was true that the Cassowary was seen on the local camping site. “My wife was having her 50th birthday celebration and there were a heap of campers on our property. We woke up in the morning and found it wandering around the campsite and everyone was feeding it like a pet,” Tony added.

The bird is often referred to as “Romper Stomper”.

Tony also said that the bird was known to have an aggressive streak and was not a good match with the locals. “A guy at the local pub had been attacked. He was wandering down the road and this thing came for him. He survived. He was all right,” Tony added.