Authorities said that a Utah man who was hiking with his young son and fiance fell to his death at Provo Canyon’s Bridal Veil Falls. The boy, then nine years old, had to climb the mountain alone.

According to a press release by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, the man, Adrian Vanderklis of Roosevelt, Utah, was climbing with his fiancée’s son. Authorities were alerted Saturday night that Vanderklis had been reported missing by Vanderklis’ mother.

Authorities said that the boy’s mother claimed she could see her son below, crying and alone. Later that evening, a Department of Public Safety helicopter crew and volunteer search and rescue teams responded to the call. The body of Vanderklis (40) was found at an elevation of approximately 5,800 feet, on a slope that was almost vertical as night fell

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It is not clear why Vanderklis fell. However, it is possible that he stumbled or slipped on loose materials. It appears that he died instantly from the fall. According to the sheriff’s office, the boy was there with him but did not see Mr. Vanderklis actually fall.”

The release stated that his body was found on Sunday. It was then taken to the office of a medical examiner for an autopsy.