The makeup-free Jennifer Lopez, 52, showcases her natural beauty in an elegant satin dress to show her skincare line ahead of the Christmas Eve dinner.

Jennifer Lopez gifted her followers with some of her iconic beauty tips as she promoted the model JLo Beauty model on Friday.

The 52-year-old beauty was stunning when she wore no makeup in a silky gown add the JLo Glow serum while preparing her Christmas Eve.

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Lopez was singing about the benefits of her triple menace product before revealing her plans to “be fair” and ‘cook a bit of food’ for the family gatherings.

The shine! No makeup required Jennifer Lopez, 52, proved her natural beauty by wearing an elegant gown while she plugged her skin model ahead of an evening dinner on Christmas Eve.

Hair was again slicked to form a perfect bun and she appeared fresh out of the bath, while wearing an expensive kimono-style dress.

Lopez put her arms across her “taut and clear” face prior to revealing the details of her plans for the night as she wished her fans a happy Christmas Eve.

I’m about to put on my moisturizer because it’s Christmas Eve’, she explained with a smile. “I’m going to put on some make-up and put on a little of mascara, dress up and get in the kitchen and cook with a little bit of food and then wait for family members coming to visit.

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The reward that keeps the giving! In a two-minute clip in which the Hustlers star discussed the advantages and features of her “brightening and tightening” serum, which she said was her top promoting product

Famous face: “I’m going to apply some make-up and put on a little of mascara, put on a nice and get in the kitchen, prepare with a little bit of food and wait for the family to be back to visit,’ she wrote.

While the tensions between her and ex-love Ben Affleck, 49, remain ablaze reports have suggested that the couple is ‘planning for a Christmas celebration together and are determined to ensure it’s as unique as possible for their children as well,’

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