Madonna Wears a Very Revealing Corset For Sexy Instagram Snaps

At the Met Gala, Madonna showed off her curves in a revealing Givenchy ensemble. The star wore a corset, with black lace only covering her breasts and a wide black strap at the bottom. While it might seem too revealing for her public persona, the look was incredibly flattering for her. The corset, however, wasn’t the only thing Madonna showed off on the red carpet.

Riccardo Tisci

A few years ago, the legendary Italian designer had a very different take on male fashion. While at Givenchy, he became known for his playful, non-gender-specific approaches to dressing men. His signature leather skirts, for instance, subverted traditional masculinity by proving that men could still look strong while wearing a skirt. Today, Tisci’s work inspires countless descriptors, including “boundless” and “lace.”

Givenchy, meanwhile, continues to change with the times. Givenchy has long been synonymous with celebrities such as Kanye West and Audrey Hepburn. But the designer has shifted the label’s image and direction in recent years and has a new vision for men and their clothes. Riccardo Tisci’s latest Instagram posts show the designer removing his suit jacket and corset to bare his midriff in a provocative photo shoot.


The sexy red carpet look that Madonna wore in a recent Instagram post isn’t exactly what we’d call a modest one. The singer sported a Givenchy corset with a low-cut lace bodice, thigh-high boots, gloves, and a veiled hat. Madonna is renowned for her risque outfits, which have included everything from Viking helmets to pointy cone bras. Madonna recently wore a Givenchy corset to a charity event and posted sexy photos of herself.

Whether it’s a red carpet look or a private party, the singer has always been a daring fashion icon. In fact, she recently wore a corset designed by French designer Givenchy to accompany her on a red carpet event with Nas and DJ Diplo, who collaborated with her on her latest album. The sexy ensemble was not only a hit on the red carpet but also on the street.

Lourdes Leon

Madonna recently took to Instagram to share pictures of her daughter Lourdes Leon wearing a teal lingerie set. The model, who is the daughter of singer Madonna, wore a latex-style bra and a lace thong by Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty label. She matched her outfit with a matching teal trench coat and daring thigh-high boots. She topped off the look with a chunky necklace, a translucent bangle, and statement earrings.

The singer often posts racy pictures on Instagram that leave her followers speechless. Her revealing outfits are the perfect backdrop for her sexy selfies and videos. She often wears racy outfits and poses for her fans, leaving them speechless. And while she’s been known to show off her cleavage, she’s also been known to wear very little make-up in these photos.

Carol McGiffin

The actress slammed Madonna on her latest sexy Instagram snaps, calling her to look “a freak show.” She went as far as to compare Madonna’s appearance to the late singer Pete Burns, who was known for altering his looks with cosmetic surgery. Madonna’s latest sexy snap has 1.5 million likes, and the actress is not shy about revealing the details of her sex life.

Guy Ritchie

In the most recent sexy Instagram pictures, the couple stripped to very revealing corsets, which have earned them more followers than ever before. It’s no wonder that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are so popular on social media! The pair, who divorced in 2008, are also parents to two children – David, who’s now 11 years old, and Mercy, a six-year-old boy. They also have a son named David, who was adopted from Malawi when he was three years old. Madonna also adopted twins Estere and Stella from Malawi in 2009 and a son named David from Malawi in 2012.
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The couple’s sexy Instagram photos come as no surprise, given their infamous past. Their son Rocco, who is 15 years old, and their alleged “bad mommy” behavior have been the subject of much speculation. Guy Ritchie and Madonna are also embroiled in a custody battle over their son Rocco. Ritchie refused to go back to his mother’s London home after he rejected the proposal from Madonna. The singer also publicly threw dirt on Winhoffer during a concert in the Philippines.