Lucifer year 6: Chloe Decker finds she is pregnant after reuniting with Lucifer?

The concluding portion of year five was titled an opportunity in a Happy End and abandoned fans fearing the worse.

Lucifer fought his twin Michael (Tom Ellis) but Chloe was soon hauled to the violence.

Michael stabbed Chloe from the stomach with a team Made from wood obtained from the Tree of Life.

Lucifer’s love of his own life expired in his arms while Michael seemed menacingly on.

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But, Lucifer chose he can save Chloe by bringing her back out of paradise.

He did so knowing that he’d die if he has seen the sacred realm.

However, in a welcome storyline twist, Lucifer’s action revealed he was worthy of carrying over from his dad.

Both Lucifer and Chloe endure the ordeal with all the fallen angel completing the season by getting the newest God.

Lucifer fans guess Chloe will find she is pregnant after being chased from the Tree of Life.

One wrote:”I hope to high heaven that @LuciferNetflix has Lucifer and Chloe get pregnant thus #Lucifer can completely overcome his daddy problems and become a dad and fix his father’s errors in year 6.

“I can not imagine a better ending to this series! The future looks excellent!”

“Stabbed from the Tree of existence… Chloe got capture pregnant following year #Lucifer #LuciferSeason5B,” another wrote.

Even though a third stated: “Chloe getting stabbed in the uterus from the Tree of Life is quite VERY intriguing to me personally #Spoilers #Lucifer #LuciferSeason5B.”

“Maybe there is something to this pregnancy narrative after all…Deckerstar has grown enough to manage it,” a fourth indicated.

Someone else wrote: “Yes! Quite intriguing. I discovered the mention of this Tree of Life arbitrary but it also reminded me of exactly what her name implies’Blooming’ or fertility in Greek. My mind is anywhere with this idea at this time.”

“Picture season 6 end with Chloe announcing she is pregnant plsss,” a sixth begged.

Can Chloe realize she had been pregnant before she had been stabbed or would the Tree of Life help her conceive a baby with Lucifer?

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time lovers have called Chloe will fall pregnant using the trailer for year 5B including some references to fatherhood.

Though this turned out to not be a massive teaser, lots of fans are expecting season six may bring with it a mini-Lucifer.