Love Island's Andrew Le Page Unfollows Jacques After 'Bullying' Allegations

Andrew Le Page unfollowed Jacques O’Neill after he was accused of bullying his co-star Tasha Ghouri. The LOVE Island star had come under fire for making fun of Tasha in a new video. He posed as Davide in the show’s finale. Tasha removed Jacques O’Neill from her high-profile social media account after he made the ‘bullying’ claims.

Tasha Ghouri unfollows Jacques O’Neill after ‘bullying’ claims

Love Island’s Jacques O’Neill has been unfollowed by Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page after the ‘bullying’ allegations. The Love Island contestant unfollowed Jacques O’Neill after a private Instagram Story was leaked and showed Jacques teasing her. Tasha later deleted the video from her high-profile Instagram account.

Remi Lambert confirmed a row between Jacques and her after he made a cryptic comment on her post. She also stated that she is pursuing justice for Jacques, who had ‘bullied’ her and slept with Paige Thorne. Remi Lambert also posted a video of herself laughing and joking about Jacques and Luca Bish.

Love Island’s Luca Bish and Dami Hope have since apologized for ‘bullying’ Tasha, and the boy’s father Tarek has also spoken to the ITV welfare team. Andrew Le Page has unfollowed Jacques O’Neill after ‘bullying’ claims on Instagram. However, his support for his girlfriend has not dampened the criticism.

Jacques O’Neill defends Luca Bish

Jacques O’Neill is defending his ex-girlfriend Luca Bish in a new Instagram Live video after his sister accused the pair of bullying Remi Lambert. Remi claimed that Luca and Jacques sneered at her rap skills in an Instagram Live video, and Jacques and Luca were both slammed by her for their actions.

The two were pictured together on Instagram Live, where they appeared alongside Gemma Owen. Luca was visibly emotional in the post, which she captioned, thanking her fans. She has not yet become an official couple, but Luca promised to ask Luca out on the street. Luca and Gemma have yet to make it official. Luca is still struggling with his mental health and ADHD, but she is now ready for the next phase.

Luca Bish has recently come under fire from fans for his behavior on Love Island. The two appeared to have argued over a girl named Gemma Owen. The pair had a sex-related argument after Gemma Owen licked Adam Collard’s neck during the Mile High challenge. Luca Bish’s family defended him after the incident, saying that he had wanted to avoid being shown flirting with another girl.

Jacques O’Neill accuses Luca Bish of bullying Tasha Ghouri

Luca Bish and Jacques O’Neill have apologized after a public row over a private story in which Jacques called Tasha a liar and a bully. Both have since spoken to Tasha and apologized to her for the incident. While the two stars have been in hot water ever since the incident, the fans have called Jacques out for his lack of empathy.
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Remi Lambert accused Luca and Jacques of bullying her during her time on the Love Island villa. Remi came in as a bombshell in the villa and showed off her MC flair, but was dumped after day nine. Remi Lambert’s accusation was prompted by a video clip she posted to her Instagram account, where she claimed that Jacques and Luca mocked her rapping skills.

Remi’s post has sparked a huge outpouring of support on social media. Grace Victory has also commented on her Instagram post. She has also unfollowed Jacques O’Neill following the incident. Remi has 78,000 followers on Instagram. She has been threatening to take action after the drama. Meanwhile, Luca Bish has deleted her Instagram Story.