Looking for Electric Car Batteries, Apple Secretly Approaches CATL & BYD

Apple Inc is in early-stage talks with Chinese firms, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) China and BYD Car Co., Ltd (BYD) about providing batteries for electric vehicles.

This was reported by Daily Reuters on Tuesday (8/6/2021) in which four individuals were attentive to the problem. Discussions are subject to change and it is uncertain if an agreement with CATL or BYD is going to be reached, said the person who declined to be named because the talks are confidential.

Apple has made building manufacturing facilities in the United States a necessity for prospective battery suppliers. CATL, which provides major automakers such as Tesla Inc, continues to be reluctant to create factories from the US due to political tensions between Washington and Beijing and price concerns. It is unclear if Apple is also speaking to other battery manufacturers. To be sure, Apple has not made a public statement about the plan. CATL, the world’s largest automobile battery manufacturer, also BYD, the world’s number 4, also declined to comment. Apple supports the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries which are cheaper to manufacture because the substances used are iron instead of the pricier nickel and cobalt.

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Apple has developed technology for self-driving four-wheeled vehicles. People knowledgeable about the matter have said Apple’s planned electric car could include its own breakthrough battery technologies. It’s unclear whether discussions with CATL and BYD involved Apple’s very own technology or design.