Leona Lewis Gives Birth to First Child With Husband Dennis Jauch

No Ceilings Entertainment co-founder Leona Lewis has given birth to her first child with husband Dennis Jauch. The actress is “absolutely over the moon” with the birth. The couple married in Tuscany, Italy in 2019.

Leona Lewis gives birth to her first child with her husband Dennis Jauch

In March 2019, the world was delighted to see that Leona Lewis had announced her pregnancy on Instagram. She shared a photo of herself eating in a car while carrying her growing baby bump. Her pregnancy has reportedly impacted her appetite, which is why she recently shared a new picture of herself eating in a car. During her last pregnancy, she was still active, going for lunch with her husband, Dennis. They met while working as backup dancers on a 2010 tour.

The new couple’s first child has a name – Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch named their daughter Carmel Allegra. The couple married in Tuscany in July of this year. They first met in 2010 when Dennis was a dancer on Lewis’s Labyrinth Tour. They have been together ever since. They share three children together – two boys and a girl.

Lewis, who also became a mother after the couple’s marriage, shared pictures of her baby shower in April. The actress wore a yellow and white off-shoulder dress and green wellington boots, as well as subtle makeup, with her natural curls in a half-up, half-down ‘do. In another picture, she appeared in front of a display of white and beige balloons, which were decorated in the couple’s wedding colors.
Leona Lewis Gives Birth to First Child With Husband Dennis Jauch

She’s “absolutely over the moon” to be a mother

Actress Leona Lewis is expecting her first child with her husband Dennis Jauch. The couple, who married at the beginning of the year, revealed the news to their family and friends early in the year. Now that the actress has hit the 12-week mark, she has given fans the first look at her baby girl, Carmel Allegra. “I’m absolutely over the moon,” she said.

After winning the X Factor in 2006, the British pop star immediately shot to fame, with her debut album becoming one of the best-selling albums in chart history. The teen sensation has since been nominated for seven Brit Awards and three Grammys. She met her husband Dennis on a tour and the two began dating. In 2016, they decided to tie the knot at Sting’s Tuscan estate and made a baby girl their first priority.

She married choreographer Dennis Jauch in 2019

The singer and choreographer, born January 31, 1989, has recently announced her pregnancy with a daughter, Carmel Allegra. The couple first met in 2010, when Dennis was a dancer on the Labyrinth Tour. The couple has one child together. Jauch is currently based in Los Angeles. He is worth an estimated $2 million. Leona Lewis’s career has spanned decades and has received multiple awards.

The couple has not had children together, but Lewis had mentioned that she would love to adopt a child. This desire traces back to her childhood when she spent time at a children’s home. The pair have not officially announced their new arrival, but Lewis has shared that she is expecting their first child this summer. Jauch also announced the news on Instagram. “I can’t wait to meet my little girl in the summer!”

While the couple’s net worth hasn’t been revealed yet, they have remained close in their relationship. While Lewis has a career in the entertainment industry, Jauch is also an animal lover. According to his bio, he has been involved in animal rescue and is often posting pictures of his rescue animals on his Instagram page. Although he doesn’t have many followers, he has made it clear that he’s happy in his new relationship with Lewis.