After his adventure out of this world, it’s time to party for Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos.

The Amazon billionaire’s girlfriend is planning a bash in his honor two weeks after he flew to space and returned to Earth, a source tells Daily Reuters.

According to an insider, Lauren is hosting a party to celebrate Jeff’s recent rocket launch. “Those attending are close friends and family (Jeff’s brother was also aboard the rocket), as well as all the children of the couple. (Bezos is the father of three sons and a daughter, MacKenzie Scott and Sanchez have a son and a daughter. Sanchez was a former NFL star Tony Gonzalez. Patrick Whitesell has a son and a daughter.

The source claims that safety protocols are being observed as concerns mount about the rapid spread of the Delta variant COVID-19.

The insider says that everyone must present proof of vaccination and the gathering will take place outdoors.

Sanchez, 51, was one of the loved ones who witnessed Bezos (57), launch into space from Van Horn Texas on July 20, along with his brother Mark, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen.

Together the four crew members embarked on a 10-minute flight aboard his Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. This was Bezos’ first space flight, with humans aboard, for Blue Origin Spaceflight and Aerospace Manufacturing Company.

When the crew returned to Texas without a hitch, Sanchez welcomed Bezos — with whom she went public in January 2019 — by giving him a big hug and kiss.

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“Our family was pleased to see us. That’s a good sign,” Bezos joked during the post-flight press conference. Although I wasn’t nervous at all, my family was anxious about it and so it was sweet to be hugged after landing by them, Lauren, my mom, dad, and really all of you guys.