Lark Lane will host a vegan food festival that will feature 30 booths in the next month.

A festival of food and drink dedicated to veganism is set to be held at Lark Lane next month.

The Old Police Station on the famous south Liverpool street is now a popular gourmet center in recent times and will be the venue for this year’s Live A Better Life Mini Vegan Fair.

A total of 30 stalls offering everything from vegan food items to cosmetics and health products that are not cruelty-free are set to be open during the mini festival. It will also include live music throughout the day.

Liverpool is rated as among the top cities of the United Kingdom.

In 2013, first Live A Better Life vegan fairs were held in Liverpool with more than 3000 people taking part. In the last few years, Lark Lane has hosted mini-vegan fairs.

“Interest for veganism will be more than it has ever been in 2021,” declared Emma Cox, the event’s director.

“There are currently an increasing amount of vegetarians, vegans and those who are who are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle within Liverpool.” It is possible to visit the Lark Lane celebration to enjoy an excellent meal and get some motivation.

“This is an excellent event that will inspire and entertain the increasing number of people who are interested in learning more about their overall health, helping animals and preserving the natural world.”

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“The Live A Better Life event is a fantastic day out, with a focus on the finest vegan food and natural products available in Liverpool.”

The Old Police Station on Lark Lane will be the venue for Lark Lane’s Live A Better Life festival on November 13, 2017 between 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The admission fee is PS1 per individual, with children under 10 years old are admitted for free.