Who is the dad of Lana Rhoades baby

Lana Rhoades announced her pregnancy when she uploaded her NAKED photo with a 24 week bump (It’s about one inch above the belly button or size of a soccer ball). 

Lana Rhoades image of announcement about her pregnancy
Lana Rhoades instagram post of announcement about her pregnancy

Lana Rhoades tagged playboy magazine on her pregnancy announcement post 

Real Father of Lana Rhoades’ Baby

The rumors started to spread about her pregnancy and everyone was shocked about this news. She is hiding the name and has not told it publicly yet about the father of her baby. 

Lana Rhoades dated quite a few famous influencers and celebrities but no one seems to talk anything about the baby.

There is no official announcement about the real father of Lana Rhoades’ baby. But there are many Rumors and predictions which we will discuss below.

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Is Mike Majlak the Father Of Lana Rhoades’ Baby? 

Well, there were plenty of rumors about Mike Majlak being the father of Lana Rhoades baby but technically he is not. Because they broke up last year in October.

Picture on Mike Majlak with Pornstar Lana Rhoades
Mike Majlak picture with ex girlfriend Lana Rhoades

Mike Majlak even recorded a video about his break up with Lana Rhoades “We broke up”. The video was uploaded in October 2021 and Lana announced her pregnancy in September. So there is a very less possibility of her being the father of Mike Majlak’s Dad.

Why Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades Broke Up?

Mike Majlak released a video of his break up with Pornstar Lana Rhoades. 

The reason was not about loyalty. The best thing about Lana is her loyalty. One of the best things about Amara (Lana Rhoades) is that she was fiercely loyal. I never once had to worry about her loyalty.

It was about 2 people who wanted two vastly different things.

Lana wanted to follow a linear life and wanted to have love and have a family. As for me, I am not that kind of person. I am just not a linear person.

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Lana Rhoades clearly wants to talk about the fact that it was Mike Majlak who ended the relationship, not her.

Who is Mike Majlak?

Mike Majlak is an American YouTuber who became famous when he shot with Logan Paul. He is a social media personality who continues to achieve fame and success. He was also in a relationship with Pornstar Lana Rhoades. Mike is also an author, he wrote a book “Fifth Vital” in 2020. He also managed the Marketing work for Lovesac Company.

Mike Majlak feature image of his Book
Mike Majlak image from his official instagram account

Impaulsive podcast is one of the reasons of his success. Impaulsive Podcast was an opportunity for him to meet top celebrities.

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Is Kevin Durant the father of Lana Rhoades?

Brooklyn Net Player Kevin Durant picture during a game
Brooklyn Net Player Kevin Durant picture during a game

Some fans think that it might be Kevin Durant who is the father of Lana Rhoades baby. But he does not seem to be the father. Because when Lana went on a date with KD, the date ended up very weird which is not a good signal for a second date. And him being the father of her child.

Lana Rhoades did not mention the name of Kevin Durant but ended up describing it while talking about her date on a YouTube video

Pornstar Lana Rhoades makes one third of the YouTube show 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. One the season 2 premier of “3 Girls 1 Kitchen”, she decided to spill some hot hot tea about a Brooklyn nets player. 

She talked about how she had recently been invited to a Brooklyn nets playoff game and things started off pretty well. She and the other girls were having a great time drinking tequila and enjoying the luxuries of a private suite but after the game things ended up getting weird. 

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The whole crew of women and the nets player who remains unknown throughout the whole YouTube video all went on to dinner. But on the way there they made a pit stop to pick the side chick of the athlete that invited Lana Rhoades out of the game.

Photo of Lana Rhoades the night she went on dinner with Kevin Durant
Photo of Lana Rhoades the night she went on dinner with Kevin Durant

Lana Rhoades did not give the name of the athlete but she ended up describing entirely who he actually was.

“The real reason why I left the dinner was because the guy did not really click. I mean to say I asked him about his favourite things and he said he doesn’t have anything favorite. And clearly he was not just trying to avoid the conversation but he was actually serious. Which also brought me to a conclusion that I used to date libras consistently and this man is a libra

Your zodiac sign is a Libra if you are born between September 23rd and October 22nd. And the only athlete born between those dates on the Brookly nets roster is KD (Kevin Durant). He was born September 29th.

Lana Rhoades about Playboy Magazine:

Lana Rhoades again posted a photo of her being pregnant just like she always wanted to be. 

Lana rhoades latest pregnancy post on her instagram giving a shoutout to Playboy Magazine
Lana rhoades latest pregnancy post on her instagram giving a shoutout to Playboy Magazine

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Lana Rhoades said:

CENTERFOLD THE CREATOR-LED DIGITAL PLATFORM BY @playboy COMING SOON! I worked with playboy for the first time in 2016 at the beginning of my digital career. Playboy has always been a brand that embodies female beauty and sexual empowerment but in 2021 they are so much more. Last year I collaborated on a lingerie line with their sister company Yandy & shot my first none-nude digital cover for the magazine! @playboy has supported me through all era’s of my career and I am excited to announce that I will be part of the launch for their new era! My future subscription club, Non fungible tokens, and merchandise will be exclusive to the NEW Centerfolds platform. I am excited to share more with you over the next coming weeks!

Final Words:

There are many rumors and many explanations about who might be the father of Porn star Lana Rhoades child but there is no confirm name about the father. Lana Rhoades ex boyfriend and one night dinner do not seem to be the father apparently but at the end we never know.

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