A video featuring Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi has gone viral after the reality star returned to social media a month after giving birth to her second child. The mom-of-two didn’t even mention her newborn son Wolf in her Instagram video, referring instead to her four-year-old daughter. She then asked Stormi to leave the video, which caused an outpouring of outrage from fans and critics alike.

Despite being a bit long, the latest video from Kylie Jenner shows her new lip gloss. The baby was born on Feb. 2, and a rep has confirmed that he has been named Wolf. The middle name honors her husband, Travis Scott, who reportedly helped raise the family. The mother of two also said that the newest child will be named after her brother North West.

As fans have speculated, Stormi Webster is following in her cousin’s footsteps and hamming it up for the camera. Apparently, she wasn’t willing to let her mom finish the video because she saw North West. However, Stormi’s playtime may soon get an even bigger reward! In July, the reality star and Travis Scott announced that they are expecting their second child.

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After her husband announced his pregnancy, Kylie Jenner shared the lengthy video with her fans. She asked Stormi to stop interrupting her and let her finish. After all, it’s not every day you get to watch your favorite star impersonate a kid. But Stormi’s impersonation of her mom is a cute way to show that she appreciates the support of her mom and sister.

In the video, the reality star and her daughter take a page from the playbook of North West and her daughter, who hammered up for the camera after seeing the adorable video. In a recent interview, the couple revealed that they are expecting a second child together and a baby girl will soon be born soon. If Kylie Jenner is right, this is one of the most fun videos she has ever posted on social media.

The adorably hijacked video was an Instagram post showcasing the Kardashians’ newest lip product. In the video, Stormi, Kylie and Travis Scott sat on a sofa together, and the two of them were joined by their daughter Stormi, who was helping out with the newborn. The tweens’ adorable video is proof that they are a team.

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