Kylie Jenner was photographed in public for the first time after she gave the birth of her 2nd baby three weeks ago.

This past Saturday, the 24 year old beauty entrepreneur was snapped along with the mother of her child Kris Jenner, aged 66, as they went to a house that was being built at Los Angeles.The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians star dressed casually with a slim black T-shirt, black leggings, white socks and gray sneakers.

The television star walked with Kris and was dressed in a black sweatshirt , black leggings, paired with black sneakers as they examined the modernist grey house.

Since the birth of Wolf, Kylie has been slowly sharing details about her next baby. The most we have seen of Wolf was an announcement picture of his tiny hand carried by Stormi. Stormi Kylie Baby founder didn’t share his name until one week after he was born. After a couple of days it was discovered that his middle name was Jaques which is Travis Scott’s actual name. Following the birth of Wolf, Travis was seen drinking together with Kanye West This was reported to have caused a rift between Kylie along with mother Kris Jenner. In the meantime, Kylie has kept a relatively low profile for the last couple of months. However, a recent glimpse of the beauty guru shows that she could be changing.

Three weeks after her an infant, Kylie was seen out and around in public for the very first time in photos posted to TMZ. Kylie was seen on a date with her mother Kris within Kris’s So Cal area on Friday on February 25. The reality TV stars were taking a look at a property which is in the process of being built. It’s unclear if any of them owns the property, or whether they were considering the property as a possible purchase or to find a motive. Kylie was dressed in a veiled manner and wore an all-black hat, a black t-shirt, tight black leggings, and grey sneakers. Kris was dressed in black, akin to her daughter’s youngest. They were photographed with another unidentified person. While she wasn’t visible in the pictures, Stormi reportedly joined her grandma and her mom for the outing.

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The mother-daughter pair were joined by Kylie’s 4-year-old daughter Stormi and a few others who were also out for the outing. Jenner gave birth to a boy on February. 2 – the same day she was celebrating Stormi’s 4th birthday with her her boyfriend Travis Scott. A little over a week after the birth of her second child, Kylie revealed that her son’s name was Wolf Webster in an Instagram post. Social media reality star shared an image in black and white that simply shows the name of her 3 million followers.

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