Kroenke States'100% Dedicated' to Arsenal, Will Not Market club

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke said Tuesday that he is”100% committed” to the Premier League club also won’t be promoting it, amid attention from the creator of audio streaming agency Spotify.

Arsenal fans have known for Kroenke to depart after he had been among the instigators of this unlucky European Super League job.

Daniel Ek, the Swedish businessman who based Spotify and can be an Arsenal supporter, has stated on Twitter he’d be”happy to throw his hat in the ring” when Kroenke wished to market and allegedly has enlisted the assistance of former Arsenal players Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira.

“Recently we’ve reported media speculation about a possible takeover bid for Arsenal Football Club,” read an announcement by Stan Kroenke along with also his sonJosh, on Tuesday.

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“We remain 100% dedicated to Arsenal and aren’t selling any wager at the club. We’ve not obtained any deal and we are not going to entertain any deal.”

The Kroenkes stated their dream”stays to compete to acquire the largest trophies from the game”

“Our focus continues to enhancing our disposition around the pitch to attain that,” they stated.

Arsenal was one of 12 founding members of the Super League, combined with English clubs Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham. All six hauled their out of the league a week, two weeks later it had been formally declared.

Over 1,000 Arsenal fans protested outside Emirates Stadium on Friday, prior to the Premier League from Everton, calling Kroenke to Stop.

Arsenal is currently 10th at the 20-team Premier League.

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