Kristen Bell, who has been a vocal supporter for psychological well-being mindfulness, is stepping back the drapery to share how she and spouse Dax Shepard helped each other through troublesome occasions during the pandemic.

“Toward the start of the pandemic, we were arguing furiously, and afterward every one of the entryways secured our home, similar to we needed to remain inside, and we resembled, ‘Woof, we need to understand the disturbances,’ ” Bell said Tuesday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The two took a crack at couples treatment and confronted difficulties again the previous fall when Shepard, who had been calm from liquor and cocaine for a very long time, backslid with solution torment pills following a cruiser mishap.

Bell shared Tuesday that their shared therapist suggested another approach to working through conflicts.

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Bell previously opened up about dealing with anxiety and depression since she was 18, which she said exacerbated by the challenges of COVID-19

Bell tipped her hat to Shepard as someone who “elevates vulnerability to an obsessive level.”

Shepard has since been open about his dedication to getting back on track and his openness about sharing what happened with the public and with his and Bell’s young daughters, 8-year-old Lincoln and 6-year-old Delta.